A Introduction to Optimum Fundraising


Allow us to introduce you to an extraordinary opportunity to raise funds for your organization, while providing a very healthy product to those that contribute to your efforts.  NEU is a company that markets whole food nutritional products that are made from all natural sources like vegetables, fruits, grains, herbs and minerals.  The products are excellent and the nutritional benefits have been well documented and proven over time.


Our company, Optimum Enterprises, has developed a plan for organizations such as yours to benefit from the excellent products offered by NEU through fundraising efforts.  We believe that the program that we offer may be the only fundraising campaign you will need this year because of the lucrative return you will experience from your efforts.


Our website will introduce you to the NEU line of products and will illustrates the profits that you can expect from introducing these excellent healthy products to your supporters.  Get the members of your organization involved asking each person to market the amount of products necessary to reach the goals that you have set for your campaign. 


Contact us today to receive your supply of catalogs and order forms.  We suggest that you consider a 2-3 week campaign which gives ample time for you to realize maximum return for your efforts.  Call or e-mail us today to receive your campaign account number and your supply of catalogs and order forms.  We look forward to your success with your fundraising efforts using the NEU products along with our extensive support system.  Hopefully, this will be the only fundraiser you will need this year!








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